Brian Moore To Engage With People Who Are Nice To Him

Brian Moore, the BBC Rugby Commentator, social media pugilist and one time England hooker, will stun the world by actually responding to people who are nice to him on Twitter.

Moore recently endured a serious heart attack and has been convalescing at home with the occasional interaction via social media platforms. The ‘Pitbull’, as he was nicknamed on the pitch, has become famous on Twitter for his public spats with the likes of Piers Morgan, Tony Gallagher of the Telegraph, Kevin Pietersen and Delon Armitage. He is often the victim of trolls (people willing to abuse him online) and happily retweets or quotes their efforts. But that could be about to change thanks to his brush with the Grim Reaper.

Ivor Catapult, who runs Twitter Watchdog “Glass Houses” said Moore is a specialist in engaging with people who are hurtful towards him. “He seems to enjoy sharing people’s inane and egregious comments, often retweeting offensive tweets and trolls, in an effort to call them out. This can’t be good for him. I’m not surprised to see him in bad health. He has a whole army of loyal supporters who say nice things, whom he completely ignores. I hope he can turn it around.”


“I think Brian is awful, but I love interacting with him social media,” said @jackass3425, whose twitter bio photo is an egg. “I tweeted him saying that I hoped he’d not recover because I hate him so much on the BBC, and he retweeted it. It was hilarious; I picked up three new followers!”

“I love Brian Moore,” said Janet Grindley, a housewife from Weston-super-Mare. “I find his co-commentary insightful, amusing and often pretty clever. I have sent him 19 tweets saying so. And he’s never so much as liked any of them. I am worried about him. Why won’t he converse with people who actually respect him.”

“The hope is that he’ll start to let a few things go now he’s had heart surgery,” continued Catapult, who follows Brian Moore and who himself has over 250 followers. “It was lovely to see him tweeting about the wonderful NHS staff who looked after him, rather than some arsehole who used to tap victim’s phones in an attempt to run a national newspaper. We reckon he could have turned a corner.”

Before his heart attack, during the Six Nations, Brian Moore attempted to set a new world record of blocking people on Twitter. Blocking is when you stop someone being able to follow you and see what you are tweeting. Moore’s 5,872 blocks in a fifteen minute period, in the aftermath of the England Wales game, fell agonisingly short of the record held by Stephen Jones of The Sunday Times. Jones’ 6,002 blocks in four and half minutes will be difficult to surpass. That incredibly feat managed to grab the attention of Twitter itself, and as such, the social media company are looking to implement a new signing up process. From next year, when registering to use Twitter, you will be asked if you like rugby union. And if you answer in the affirmative, you’ll be informed that your account is blocked by Stephen Jones.

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