Gatland to let ‘bunch of shits’ decide

In an incredible turn of events, Warren Gatland, the Head Coach of the 2017 Lions tour to New Zealand is to let the public choose the 23 to take the field in the final and deciding Test against the All Blacks.

Speaking exclusively to The Crooked Feed from his hotel room via Skype, Gatland railed, “To be pretty honest, I’m tired of these bunches of shit. People have moaned about everything I’ve done, so it’s probably best they make the final decision. Look at when I had the brilliant idea of bringing in Kristian Dell and Alan Dacey, people went proper spastic. They obviously think they know better than I do, so now we’re going to find out. I’ve spoken to our social media people and we reckon we can do it. We’re going to put players up on one of those twitter choice things like the World Cup of Crisps. It should work well.”

It is thought voting will be open for 24 hours and everyone on Twitter will be allowed one vote for each position. Gatland has spoken to all his backroom staff and everyone bar Graham Rowntree thinks it is a good idea.

“They only thing that worries me,” continued Gatland. “Is if the New Zealand public getting wind of the whole thing and vote in Greig Laidlaw as our starting scrum half. We may not put him up as an option to be fair. Or any of the Scottish contingent. We want to give ourselves a chance.”

The Lions play New Zealand in the final test on Saturday, kicking off at 8.35am BST. 

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