What Stuff Did Rob Howley Do On The British and Irish Lions Tour?

Sean O’Brien has sensationally claimed that Rob Howley had little or nothing to do with coaching the British and Irish Lions on their tour of New Zealand earlier this year. Speaking to the ‘Off the Ball’ Podcast the Irish backrower said Howley in particular contributed poorly to the drawn series.

However, The Crooked Feed managed to speak to a key member of Lions’ squad, who let us know exactly the role Howley played. Here is an extract from that interview (for confidentiality reasons the name of said player remains secret):

“The Robster and I spent a lot of time together. From day one, he seemed interested in a lot I had to say. He laughed at the impressions I did of other members of the squad and he was really keen to see my DJ set for an upcoming gig. We spent a lot of time together on tour and I got to know him quite well.”

“Basically, what would happen is, I would get up early, as I like to get an extra gym session in before breakfast, and Robbo would be hanging around the hotel lobby when I went down. He’d usually come with me and spot me, I’d probably show him some jujitsu moves or something cool on YouTube, and then we’d go and get a coffee. He spent most days with me because he said he’d done all the notes for the backs moves, and given them to Dan Biggar to give to Faz and Sexto. I tell you what, he took some wicked photos of me with my phone. He was a great laugh and good to have around. ”

“I’ve read Seany’s words and I did get a feeling he was getting pissed off. We kept hiding his stuff and then Rob came up with this really funny trick where we put Seany’s gum shield in a glass of apple juice and said it was my wee. It was well funny but then Alun Wyn Jones came over and told us to stop being a pair of pricks. I put that down to pre game tension, what with them both playing and that.”

“But, all in all, Rob was great to have on tour. And we’ve actually talked about going on holiday together again soon. I’m hoping to go and play out in Ibiza next summer and he said he’d come along. Joe Marler said he’d come but he’s not now.”

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