Leicester’s Got Talent

Leicester Tigers are excited to reveal, exclusive to The Crooked Feed, a brand new reality show called “Do You Wanna Have A Go?”

Based on the likes of “Britain’s Got Talent” and “Masterchef”, the game will see the famous English rugby club turn to its fans to see if they would like to be Director of Rugby. Recent dismissals of the likes of Richard Cockerill, Aaron Mauger and Matt O’Connor, have left the East Midlands club once again leaderless, but executives behind the scenes think they may have hit upon the answer.

“These type of TV programmes seem to be all the rage at the moment,” said Elias Crinkleshaft, of media company Endemol, “And you never know, we might unearth the next big rugby manager!”

The premise is that fans will be put through an audition process and then asked to go through to a ‘Welford Road’ round. A series of tasks including “Shouting at the players”, “Writing on a whiteboard” and “Swearing from the coaches box” will then be negotiated before the public have their vote.

The Tigers’ Director Box at some point in the future

The judges for the show, which could well be shown live on Channel 5, are understood to be Geordan Murphy, Sir Clive Woodward and Simon Cohen. With Cohen’s vote being worth four times more than anybody else’s.

Fans who want a go can apply in person, with Cohen, or via the official Facebook page. No previous rugby knowledge is necessary although having a cauliflower ear could work in your favour.

“We are very excited about it,” continued Crickleshaft. “I think it’s just what the club needs at the moment. Otherwise it just looks like a fucking disaster.”

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