Jones To Ask Nowell Out On Proper Date

Eddie Jones is plucking up the courage to ask Jack Nowell out on a full blown date, The Crooked Feed understands. After dancing around the issue for several months now, England’s head honcho is preparing to pop the big question as the squad gets itself ready for the Six Nations opener against Ireland.

Jones, 58, has never really hidden his affection for Nowell, thirty-three years his junior, and most recently lavished the young Cornishman with outrageous praise; “He has great ball-carrying, great tackling skill; he puts his head over the ball and he’s got a neat little bum. He’s a new breed of player. I think I love him…”

Image result for eddie jones jack nowell
“I’m just a international rugby coach, standing in front of a boy…”

News broke this week that Jones was courting the idea of Nowell playing in the forwards for England, so desperate is he that the Chief make the 23. And despite battling with injury and struggling with game time, Nowell looks a certainty to play against Ireland in the opening game of the Six Nations.

“It is difficult to disguise Eddie’s infatuation with Jack,” said a spokesman, close to the England camp. “We have a lot of good wingers but those sleeve tats, shit lid and cheeky blue scrum cap gives Eddie goosebumps. Jones plays a lot of Glenn Medeiros around the Twickenham office and his new idea to play nine forwards is more to do with the letter ‘N’ than anything else. Eddie knows rugby and his record speaks for itself. Many of his little plans work and should England field Nowell at open side, the watching public will realise that Eddie knows Jack.”

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